Stimme und Yoga


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Ich unterrichte jeden Montag bei bamboo yoga

18:00 - 19:30 Uhr Vinyasa

19:45 - 21:15 Uhr Hatha Flow


07 -09- 2018  Details folgen.

STIMME UND YOGA Retreat im Havelland mit
Joanna Kupnicka und Valerie Hartwich

Express your self/Ausdruck der Ureigenen Kraft

Experience the joy of moving, speaking and singing in your own unique way!
During this weekend we will release body and mind of the blocks around being truly ourselves. Through yoga-based movement we will search our own unique way of feeling stable, at ease and joyful in the body, and through the voice work explore our own confident and unique expression in the world. With the meditation we will seek what moves and nourishes each of us, so we can regularly replenish to stay vibrant.
The surrounding nature has forest, rivers and beautiful walks to enjoy between sessions, which will be in full splendor of a late and warm summer.

Come spend this time with us, because the world is brighter and more alive when everyone is themselves truly.

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